Refund Policy

Please read the policy, conditions and process of refund carefully which will give the Users important information and guidelines about their rights and obligations, concerning any purchase the User make on our website, We make every effort to provide you the Academic needs, and Services and/or any other Ignitor products to the Users as per the Subscription taken and timelines mentioned. If due to any reason, unavoidable circumstances or beyond the limitations of the Publishers or Business Partners, the Services are not rendered then the Subscription shall be cancelled and such applicable partial amount of the Subscription Fees may be refunded.

Cancellation of the Subscription:

If the User no longer wishes to subscribe to any Ignitor products or Services, User does not need to renew the Subscription. User will have full access to the Services until his/her current Subscription period expires.

Refund process:

To obtain a refund on any purchases you have made on the Site, please contact WITHIN FIFTEEN(15) DAYS from the purchase date, providing all the details of the purchase. Refund on Subscriptions that the User is not satisfied with, will be available only in case of Subscriptions where the subscription period is equal to or more than one month.